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IT WOULD BE UNFAIR AND UNWISE TO COMPARE OUR RECORDINGS WITH COMMERCIAL CDs. All recordings are untreated, original sound tracks. Recording equipment are of very high professional grade. Client's computer and audio listening equipment will determine individual sound experience. Please email us for further info and discussion. Please be polite and truthful when communicating. Our reputation is based on truth, knowledge and professional skills.


ABOUT MASON & HAMLIN: The performance of Beethoven and Brahms have less pedal used to avoid "Amateurish Over Pedaling, Overlapping Chords, Hammering Away, Incorrect Style, etc". This 1977 magnificent Mason & Hamlin is in 97-98% of its original condition. I'm the second owner. The sound equals or surpasses 9 ft Steinway made in the US. This Mason & Hamlin has nuance, meaning, substance, very rich overtone, power, sweetness, long ringing, round sound, etc. This piano deserves a world class soloist. The original matching bench is even more rare than the 7 ft Mason & Hamlin. The piano's slight pitch issues have been amplified by the sheer power and all frequency vibration. The player of the 3 excerpts is an acclaimed violinist, who loves piano playing very much. He has only 22 hours of practice before the recording. He also operated the recording and video cam due to lack of funding to hire other professionals. He did his best on these great music. He knows that he does NOT deserve such great grand piano. Please arrange a time to try this great piano if you are serious buyers. The current new Mason & Hamlin and US made Steinway are often disappointing compared with this 1977 Mason & Hamlin. I know some experts have opinions about "Which Period" are the "Golden Years" for certain brands. This particular piano has top level sound. The owner will offer discount to a great pianist. Only the piano and matching bench are for sale.


These recordings were made in Oct. 2019. Absolutely no treatment of any kind to the sound. High professional grade recording equipment were used. Please click on each video link, then click the Play Button on the Video Player. The Video Player will play the video you selected. The text under the Video Player shows which video is playing. The Video Player could take a few seconds to load each video. Please be patient. MAC users need to use Google Chrome Browser to view the video. I will upload YouTube Links of my videos shortly for those who use Apple Safari.


When you email us, please do not use attached files. We do not download attached files unless we know you well. Please provide information about your background and performance level.


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